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Land Reclamation
No 44 (1)

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ALI KESHAVARZI, FEREYDOON SARMADIAN: Mapping of Spatial Distribution of Soil Salinity and alkalinity in a Semi-arid Region

POŁOMSKA J., CHMIELOWSKI W.Z.: Optimization of water management system operation while quality and quantity of water determined

DOROTA MIROSŁAW-ŚWIĄTEK, KEMBŁOWSKI M., JANKOWSKI W.: Application of the Bayesian Belief Nets in dam safety monitoring

GABRYŚ K. : Linkage of "Lakes Zwenkau-Cospuden" as one of the elements of land reclamation after the open-cast mines and its future importance for the development of the region
GOŁASZEWSKI D., KLENIEWSKA M.:Comparison of precipitation totals measured by the automatic telepluviometer and the Hellmann rain gauge at the Warsaw Ursynów station in 2000-2010

FRĄK M., KARDEL I., JANKIEWICZ U.: Occurence of nitrogen cycle bacteria in the Biebrza River

MICHEL M.M.: A study of application of chalcedonite as a manganese dioxide carrier

KODA E.: Anthropogenic waste products utilization for old landfills rehabilitation

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